How to tell the gardian god to bring Kumanthong stay home

Every time before you take the Kumanthong in to your house. The first thing to do is light the incense and tell the owner (spirit) at the host before bringing them into the house.

 Simple dialogue stated with ... we will bring Kumanthong  Name .......... came into the house.  for...........  Therefore came to inform and ask permission to you at the path  Please let my Kumanthong come into the house.

 Kumanthong has a spiritual spirit, so it must get permission from the owner (spirit).  Because you are the one who takes care of and preserves our home  Our house is not a public place where anyone can enter the house.

 Most of the times have story from customers is forgetting not to tell owner(spirit) and the Kumanthong came in and stood crying in front of the house  That means Kumanthong already told you.

 Number of incense from 5, 9, 12, 16, depending on the temple or that place was specified in the attached capillary

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